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    Spectacle Shop

    Mulamoottil Eye Hospital has a unique in-house eye wear division that retails high quality lenses and frames designed for maximum protection for your eyes. Focusing more on safety and quality we provide you an error-free spectacle fitting and timely delivery along with a 1 year warranty for all frames.

  • Lenses

    The lens manufacturers are carefully chosen keeping in mind our high regard for complete patient safety. Our lenses are UV protective and shatterproof.

  • Extra-thin lenses (High Index Lenses)

    Extra-thin lenses are available form the world's leading high-index lens manufacturer: Seiko, Japan.
    These lenses are thinner than normal lenses of the same power and are more cosmetically acceptable. This is a huge advantage for persons who have a lens power of -4 or above. The lightweight and thin design of the lens makes it all the more beautiful and trendy. High Index lenses are available in 1.56, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74 varieties.

  • Progressive Lenses (Vari-focal lens)

    Progressive lens design or multi / vari- focal design are the latest in the management of presbyopia (reading difficulty after the age of 40). This design avoids the line or curve that is evident in bi-focal lenses. Functionally, these designs are suited for daily wear as they do not obstruct the wearer from walking down stairs, riding a bike. Progressive design is especially suited for computer use.

    These are available in clear, anti-glare coated, titanium coated and photochromatic options. They are ideal for people who want to retain their youth and vitality.

    Progressive Lenses with the widest reading area are available form Rodenstock and Essilor besides Seiko's revolutionary Internal Progressive design. For the cost conscious customer, we do have a wide variety of Indian Manufacturers to choose from which are available on request.

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    Photo-Chromic Lenses

    Photochromatic lenses turn into a darker shade upon exposure to sunlight. These lenses typically behave like sunglasses when the wearer steps outdoors and change back to clear lens when the wearer steps indoors. This avoids the burden of carrying separate sunglasses and is ideal for persons who have high powers that cannot be manufactured on sunglasses.

    A wide variety of manufacturers are available. But the quality of such lenses is assessed by the speed with which the lens becomes clear when the wearer comes indoors.

    Photochromatic lenses from Transistions, pioneers in the field of photochromic technology, are available in MEH.

  • Bifocal Lenses

    For the large sections of the population that still demand bifocal lenses, we have lenses that are available in "kryptok" or "d-design". These lenses are available in clear, anti-glare coated, titanium coated and photochromatic options.

  • Single vision Lenses

    These are mono-focal lenses for youngsters who have short-sight, astigmatism or long-sight. Available in clear, anti-glare coated, titanium coated and photochromatic options.

  • Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center

    Contact Lenses

    The options in contact lenses are unlimited. Whatever your desire, the options are available!

    Types, Powers, Colors, etc are optional and available on request.

    TWe provide a free trial to ensure your satisfaction. Ask our staff about the "contact lens trial" and they will be happy to arrange a personal sitting for you.

    The cardinal aspect in contact lens dispensing is not the sale. It is the care of the lens by the wearer that is the critical factor. We give great emphasis on educating the patient on using the contact lens as well as the cleaning and storage of the lens.

  • Frames

    We have great pride in the fact that we dispense only frames that have the least allergy quotient. Safety and comfort are given ultimate priority along with a considerable concern to style. As a responsible eye care provider, we take care to provide high quality frames that are designed to carry the lens selected by the patient.

    We have a wide range of imported frames available both classical and trendy. Designer frames too are available on request.

  • Warranty

    We offer a standard warranty of 6 months towards any manufacturing defects of frames.
    As we do not manufacture the frames or lenses, our liability is limited to repair or exchange of the item within this period.

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