Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center
Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center

General Eye Care

MEH offers excellent general eye care in addition to hi-tech specialized services like Blade-free LASIK Surgery, Micro Cataract Surgery and Customized Cataract Surgery.

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center

Computerized Vision Test (Refraction)

At MEH we pride of ourselves in having one of the best refraction units in the country. Our refraction chambers are individually fitted with the latest Auto Refracto Keratometers (computerized eye testing), computerized lens meters (computers used to calculate lens power), distortion-free motorized vision testing charts, LED vision testing charts, LCD vision testing charts, topography (for astigmatism), etc . All these facilities are provided in superbly clean environments backed by highly trained personnel.

Color vision testing charts (both LCD and normal) are used to identify color blindness and contrast tests for detecting very mild changes in vision that are not picked up by routine tests. Often, early decrease in contrast is the only symptom of a major eye disease like diabetic retinopathy or cataract.

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center

Spectacles (Glasses) Prescription

We take pride in the fact that we seldom (rarely) prescribe glasses or spectacles. We feel that in most cases prescribing spectacles, especially for children, are unnecessary. Most often, a correct reading posture, good lighting, healthy diet, outdoor play (for children), or exercises are enough to correct vision.

Even in those rare occasions in which we prescribe corrective lenses, we take care to ensure that accuracy is ensured. All our spectacle prescriptions are routinely counter-checked by another doctor, and checked again after the lens is fit onto the chosen frame. We routinely encourage our patients to periodically re-check the vision once they have started using glasses. This tough regimen ensures absolute perfection.

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center


Most injuries to the eye require microsurgical repair with high precision. In addition to effective first aid care, MEH offers specialized repair procedure with tissue glues that doesn't require stitching (suturing). Even where suturing is necessary, MEH offers an array of micro-sutures that eliminate ugly scars and enhance cosmetic appeal.


No infection is 'minor' at MEH. We treat conjunctivitis (red eye or sore eyes), boils on the eye lid, corneal infections etc with extreme care. The patient is clearly briefed on the disease pattern, treatment, prevention in future and how to prevent passing the infection to others in the house. Best follow-up care is provided and we prescribe only clinically validated medicines sourced from authentic manufacturers.

Cosmetic Eye Problems

Your eyes make you radiant and give your face life. We offer a wide range of cosmetic surgeries or procedures, besides hi-tech Blade-free LASIK surgery. MEH provides the best care for drooping eye lids (ptosis), deviated eyes (squint eye or strabismus), swollen lids, white growth on cornea (pterygium), cysts, tumors, discolorations, unwanted facial hair, etc.

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center


Headaches can be a 'real headache' sometimes. There may be many causes for headaches like poor vision, high BP (hypertension), glaucoma (high eye pressure), stress, sunlight, tumors, etc. At MEH, we have a holistic view on treating headaches. Though an eye hospital, we do not restrict our examination to finding an eye-related cause for headaches; rather we focus on the person as a whole and try to identify the specific cause(s) for the headache.

Even though poor eyesight remains the major cause for headaches, through our holistic approach, we often identify problems like high BP, work-related stress, computer vision syndrome, brain tumors etc as the root causes.

Preventive Eye Care

Prevention is better that cure. An ounce of prevention is worth than a pound of cure. Old sayings; but religiously practiced in MEH. A routine general eye check at MEH will convince you that we practice what we say.

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center