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Myths about Cataract

What is cataract?

Any clouding or opacity of the lens of the eye is called cataract. Once affected, cataract will result in gradual decline of eye sight. Cataract can effectively be cured through surgery. Though conventional cataract surgery and keyhole surgery are popular methods, micro-cataract surgery, an advanced technique, is more safe and effective.

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Cataract Explained

Types of cataract

There are different types of cataract. Cataract by birth is called congenital cataract. It can also be caused by injuries to the eye, which is called traumatic cataract. Most common is age-related cataract in which the normal process of ageing causes the lens to harden and become cloudy. Diseases such as diabetes can also cause cataract or aggravate it.

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Cataract in Teenagers

Causes of cataract

The most common causes of cataract are:

  • Age (being over 60)
  • Diabetes
  • Long periods in the sun
  • UV rays
  • Medicines like steroids (tablets, ointments, drops, etc)
  • Can be present at birth
  • Eye Injuries (even slight)
  • Eye Diseases like iritis, retinal detachment, etc
  • Myopia or Short sight
  • Many other uncommon syndromes, medicines, etc

Symptoms of cataract

The most common symptoms of cataract are:

  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Gradual loss of colour vision
  • Worsening of vision in dim/bright lights
  • Glare at night resulting in coloured rings (haloes) around bright lights
  • Double vision
  • Frequent changes in eye sight

Treatment for cataract

Surgery is the only effective treatment method for cataract.

Why Cataract Surgery must be done Early

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Benefits - Early Cataract Surgerys

Types of Cataract Surgery

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center
Types of Cataract Surgery

Tests and Procedures in Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery (Blade-free technology) & Micro Cataract Surgery are the safest of cataract surgeries. The post-operative precautions are minimal...... read more

Why Us?

At Mulamoottil Eye Hospital, we perform the Blade-free Laser Cataract Surgery which is the most safest, precise and accurate cataract treatment available in the world today.

We also have Micro Cataract Surgery which is also a safe and advantageous choice for a patient.

At present, we are the only hospital in Kerala offering this most-modern surgery.

Also, we offer this surgery at the lowest possible rate in the world with our famed exceptional quality of service.

We have successfully performed 6000 Micro Cataract Surgery, 700 Laser Cataract Surgery and 1000 Customized Micro Cataract Surgery till Feb., 2013.

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