Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center

Topcon Slit Lamp Bio-microscope (Japan)

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital


  • Detailed evaluation of all structures of the eye.
  • Eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, lens, retina, etc can be visualized and examined in detail.
  • More detailed examination is possible with the use of additional special lenses.


  • A torch light examination gives only a diffuse light and only structures up to the level of the lens can be visualized. A detailed exam is not possible with torchlight.
  • With a slit lamp, many ways of illumination is possible.
  • Depth and extent of the disease can be assessed with certainty.
  • Along with the use of accessory lenses, the structures in the anterior chamber angle and retina can be visualized, graded and used in diagnosis and treatment procedures.
  • Attachments like Tonometers can be easily done and will enable Intra Ocular Pressure (Eye Pressure) recordings to diagnose and treat Glaucoma.
  • Lasers can be attached and Laser surgery can be done as OP procedure.
Mulamoottil Eye Hospital & Research Center