Topcon Slit Lamp Bio-microscope (Japan)


Detailed evaluation of all structures of the eye.

Eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, lens, retina, etc can be visualized and examined in detail.

More detailed examination is possible with the use of additional special lenses.


A torch light examination gives only a diffuse light and only structures up to the level of the lens can be visualized. A detailed exam is not possible with torchlight.

With a slit lamp, many ways of illumination is possible.

Depth and extent of the disease can be assessed with certainty.

Along with the use of accessory lenses, the structures in the anterior chamber angle and retina can be visualized, graded and used in diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Attachments like Tonometers can be easily done and will enable Intra Ocular Pressure (Eye Pressure) recordings to diagnose and treat Glaucoma.

Lasers can be attached and Laser surgery can be done as OP procedure.