Children can do away
with spectacles

Pediatric Eye Care

Children's eye care is our focus. MEH has devoted huge amounts of resources, personnel and training to ensure best eye care for children. Eyesight of newborn children should be checked at 1 month and later at the age of 4 to find and rectify problems of the eye, if any.

We believe in preventive care. The children and parents are made aware of the importance of proper diet, exercise, use of computers or video games, lighting, posture etc. We lay great emphasis on a balanced diet and outdoor activities for a growing child's eyes. Most often, an imbalance of these factors results in children wearing glasses or spectacles.

Our pediatric eye department is equipped with picture charts to record vision (we can record vision of even newborns), color charts, stereopsis charts (to record balance of vision in both eyes), handheld slit lamps (so children can be examined while on their mother's lap) etc. Of this, stereopsis test is the most critical as it tests the balance of vision of both eyes. This test is not usually done in nearly all facilities; but always done in MEH.

In the rare case in which we prescribe corrective lenses (spectacles) to a child, we make sure that the lens and frame are of the highest quality to help the child to have a full range of vision. Often, we come across parents who go after a fancy designer frame rather than a frame that is safe and helps all-round vision