OPKO Optical Coherence Tomography (Canada)

For analysis of the retina (especially macula) and optic nerve.

Also for assessment of corneal thickness, Angle of the Anterior Chamber in Glaucoma, Localization of corneal pathologies, etc.
Cross sectional study of retina and optic nerve to near histological level possible.

Non-contact. Employs light for analysis. No X-Ray or damaging rays.

Can be done in undilated pupil, hence dilatation not necessary.

Specialised tests like Micro-Perimetry possible.


Easily archived and retrieved.
Patient is seated at the instrument and made comfortable.

The subject is advised to focus on the fixation light.

The instrument takes multiple cross sectional optical images and analyses with the available software and shows the images.

This is matched to aged matched normogram and analyzed and the reports are made available.