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അവസാനം പുതുക്കിയത്‌ Jul 14 2020

Careers at MEH


Practice Medicine Ethically
No Business Targets
Only one target: 100% satisfied patients!

Dear Colleagues,

The practice of Ophthalmology has come a long way. We have seen tremendous advancements in the field.

I am glad to inform you that MEH has led from the forefront. We have invested hugely in acquiring the latest proven technologies in the practice of Modern Ophthalmology.

Whilst several commercial hospitals have taken root in our state and are muddying the still waters of our science, MEH has stood steadfast in the Ethics we hold so dearly.

Our Doctors and Surgeons take pride in practicing Ethical Medicine with Scientifically validated technologies sourced from the best suppliers in the world.

Our team of Doctors and Support staff has 100% peace of mind knowing that they have

No Financial Targets
No Night duties
No Sunday duties

I take huge pride in stating that MEH has not wavered from the path we have set for ourselves whilst paying the best Salaries to our team.

Our group runs one of the best schools in the district. We are also the leaders in the Financial Services sector in Central Travancore with around 150 branches.

I welcome you to this team.

Join us today. To submit your resume click here

Dr. Ashley Thomas Jacob
Medical Director & Chief Surgeon
Mulamoottil Eye Hospitals